Saturday, October 9, 2010


Another S.S.S. so here we go these are some pics I just loved taking this week.

Some here and take a look at the tabs on the left for Shadow Shot Sunday

Enjoy and comments on the main page are most welcome.

Hope the week ahead is happy





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Hey ho hey ho its off to market we go

This morning went to this stunning little market up in Subi. Best to get there early though.
We were a bit late as it was the first time finding the way myself - thank the stars for GPS.
Got the veg and really good croissants and coffee there as well. Will take some pics next time I go.  This pic will have to do for now though-mmm hot buttered. Thinking of dinner now..

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Flying By

The holidays are flying by and with a house that has been SICK. "Challenging" is the word best used to describe this holiday.  Lack of sleep is a problem for me. I have discovered in the past few years that I do need this mortal thing called sleep and right now with a sick kiddy and hubby this is seriously lacking in this one household.
I am SO in need of some pampering and intend to indulge a little a.s.a.p. and also to go and see Eat, Pray, Love, as soon as possible once it is on screen here.

Kit and The Blonde (Minxi who we called Blondi)
 Doing the Shots for Shadow Shot Sunday, I am suddenly so much more aware of shadows than I have ever been and everywhere you look you see the shadows. Unfortunately I don't always have a camera on me but I am trying to remedy that (reminder to self: always take camera on travels).
So here are a few shots randomly just for the fun of it.
Hope you (and we) get some sleep tonight .

LOL xoxo

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday and it's another "Shadow Shot Sunday"

Sunday: Bright and beautiful. Good shopping, good coffee, good food and GOOD PHOTO's.

Go check out the pics at Hey Harriet for  really some great shots there. Have fun.