Monday, August 29, 2011

Been a While

......and I have been around, but not around. So I shall pop in when I can and drop a line or two, or visit a while and then drift away and show up maybe here, maybe there, on days........when the words are there.
Been slow on the photo's too, but spring is coming and, hopefully the creative flowers will bloom again.

Here's  one for fun.....

Happy week ahead full of smiles to you all.

Monday, March 7, 2011

and so, to Monday and The Paper Mama Challenge

The Paper Mama

So here is my entry for this challenge titled :


She could not resist picking these flowers and putting them behind her ear Island style, so this picture was captured as she was reaching out to pick the flower thinking no one was watching.

Pop on over and go have a look around this site. New to me but definitely well worth many visits.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday's Someday's

Busy-I think that should be my word of the week but NO, that's just life happening around us, for all of us - I am sure.
I feel like time has sped up, warped, well maybe not warped, but for sure it has gathered speed.....There are not enough days or hours in the day for me. Now I am Mum to 1, how the heck the rest of you with 2++ cope, I have no idea!      and I applaud you.   Super-mum I am not, but I do try, and that is the best I can do for right here and right now and lots around me slides in the effort to be all and do all, but hey - life is a journey and I for 1 want to enjoy the ride as much as I can. So here is to all the Mum's out there and I hope their weeks are more organised and sane than mine have been - any tips are always appreciated and at least listened to even if not actioned.
So without further ado, I am heading over to Tracey at Hey Harriet for the weekly Shadow Shot, not sure if I can do to much from here but will use already uploaded pics. (I have a new baby MAC and am learning the ropes "in moments" so you can understand my frustration as I could be here all day and night so restraint is a huge word in my life right now.

And on to word of the week which is:  EXHALE. That's it just, "exhale", let it all go...............................

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Of Late

My blog has once again, fallen by the wayside due to a million (yup, it feels like a million) other things, some irritatingly "need to be done now" things when I could be here blogging. Oh well, that, I know, is life. So here I am and I have just peeped into the Jo So Crafty site where she has had what we all wish for, a facelift (ha ha) and her blog is looking so fresh and zooty. One talented lady that is.

Now I had a list of things I intended to do for 2011 and I have not forgotten that and do intend to get there but please bear with me,  they are all, still on the TO DO list. However, it may be somewhat sporadic, like my ironing.

The word for the week ahead next week is:  LAUGH.  Laugh as much as you can and laugh the blues and the doldrums away.
Think of things or people that make you smile and laugh and remember their words and things they have done in the past that made you have a good laugh and have fun.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


And it is Shadow Shot Sunday No #138.   Come play with us and shoot some shadows. Tracey over at Hey Harriet hosts this great game every week and we play from all over the globe.

Hope you find the time to take a peek and play.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

With Intention

So, here we are. New Year, and I hope it will be a Happy and Prosperous one for you all.
I have not been around much of late as 1000% things have been on my plate, all good, but the wheels fell off with the blogging somewhat because of that. I have missed a few Shadow Shot Sundays (and you know how I love to play) and intend to remedy that. However, I am GRATEFUL  for busy and happy and sunshine and that I am LOVED and have all these good things that keep me busy and grateful too that I have a blog and blogs I love (Maxabella Loves)

For 2011 my resolution is to blog with intention: and yes there will be other resolutions which I will address in another blog and a bucket list and a few other things like a Keyword for the Week, one word, one action, but you have to strive to action that word.

Starting here this weeks word is:
BE             (just be, and let all else flow around you, accept (all good things), relax and BE.)

So, here is to the New Year - may all your dreams come true and may we be blessed with Happiness the whole year through.