Saturday, January 8, 2011

With Intention

So, here we are. New Year, and I hope it will be a Happy and Prosperous one for you all.
I have not been around much of late as 1000% things have been on my plate, all good, but the wheels fell off with the blogging somewhat because of that. I have missed a few Shadow Shot Sundays (and you know how I love to play) and intend to remedy that. However, I am GRATEFUL  for busy and happy and sunshine and that I am LOVED and have all these good things that keep me busy and grateful too that I have a blog and blogs I love (Maxabella Loves)

For 2011 my resolution is to blog with intention: and yes there will be other resolutions which I will address in another blog and a bucket list and a few other things like a Keyword for the Week, one word, one action, but you have to strive to action that word.

Starting here this weeks word is:
BE             (just be, and let all else flow around you, accept (all good things), relax and BE.)

So, here is to the New Year - may all your dreams come true and may we be blessed with Happiness the whole year through.


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  1. Welcome. It's so lovely to see a new blog linking up!! Yay!! I love your idea of a 'word of the week' and 'be' is a really good one to start with. I might check out your word each week and try to keep it in mind for myself too. x