Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hey Harriet-Thanks

Thanks to Tracy at Hey Harriet for including me along with all the others listed below in her Mosaic on the site last week. (I have borrowed the mosaic with her links to all on it below) I was thrilled and loved looking at all the other shots.

The Shooters:

1. AngelaNZ 2. Ramblings&Photos 3. Gemma 4. DianeAZ 5. Kylie 6. TomHilton 7. Eden 8. Bariboo 9. CanadianGardenJoy

Busy week this one and the one ahead. Nice surprises that were unexpected and for which I am grateful.
Saw Eat, Pray, Love = and I loved it. Went with a friend and we laughed and cried our way through the film. Heard the ratings were not great here, from someone, but we both said we would see it again, we loved it that much.
Perhaps you have to be a certain age or at a certain place in your life to appreciate where she is coming from and heading for in this movie. Certainly makes you think.
I found there were lots of things that were said to her in this movie, to take away and ponder over.

Happy day to all

Monday, October 11, 2010

Reminder for Madeleine

I was reminded again today of Madeleine by a friends poster  on the back of her car window and of her daughters luggage tag on a school bag.

As Mum to a little girl of a similar age I can still remember my feelings when this happened.

So for Monday, I ask all of you that view this site to head over to and see what small thing you can do that just MAY make a difference.

There is always HOPE

Thank you for taking time to read this blog.  

Also remember other Missing Children