Saturday, September 25, 2010

Heading for Sunday

Yup I am ahead. Still Saturday, thinking of Sunday and whilst the house has gone to sleep and peace reigns - I get to Blog.
Been a bit hectic as you know. Washing (or rather ironing) is piled up high (in the lounge) with every GOOD intention of putting on the telly and ironing away in bliss (not) watching my favourite show on the box (Medium).
And, being a bit mediumish myself, I know   -  that is not going to happen as there is blogging and scrapping and anything......but ironing.
Oh I do WISH I was the "most perfect housewife" and I do try, but sadly it ISN'T to be.
Someday I know I shall get points for trying.

So to all you wonderfully perfect housewives and househusbands out there - bah humbug and puleeez send me some help.  (Elly I  miss you)

xxx NOT superwoman

Lazy Day

Saturday, bright and beautiful.
Not up to much, contemplating the whole writing issue. Fifi had a friend to sleep over but not much sleep for Mum.  By 5am they were all sardined in our bed and the cat played eeny meeny miny mo across us all (and he weighs in at 6kg, the boy does) to see who was going to be tagged for a cuddle up.

By that time I had decided I was getting up and heading for the COFFEE and sanity.


aggghhhh doesn't anyone sleep around here?

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Power Of...


Have you ever been scared of putting words on paper? I have.
I love to write, I write "bits" and then throw them away, so if they are not seen, they cannot happen.
I write in my head.
There is a constant stream of words and sentences and then I switch the tap off.          FEAR.              Fear, that the words I put on paper might be given life by the stroke of the pen.
Irrational, I am sure, but none the less scary for me.

Now if all the words were happy and sunshine and candy, then how lovely that would be. But in life, that is not the case, so writing a story where there are pieces of damage (in words) is a frightening place to go.
It feels like tempting fate and it paralyses the very soul. From thought to paper, creates a moment of responsibility, the "what if"? moment - what if that were to happen and then it may be my fault?

I am trying to get past this place. The writing course is like the tide on the ocean, regular but the swell changes.

Do you have any fears?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Status! - Delicate

mmmmm - that's how we are feeling in this house at the moment.
Seems the recent spate of "bugs" and "virals" have decided to grace us with their presence. I thought that we might have dodged the bullet so to speak ,but no!
It crept up on us all with the stealth and secretiveness that would make an army proud and wham! overnight we were zapped.
Now we dosed with all the good medications Dear Dr advised, and all seemed good for a week or so and then wouldn't you know it, like any good germ, it came back to kick us in the butt. So here we are just before the weekend and the start of the holidays and we are lacking sleep and the littlest one in our family is feeling really miserable and up and down with fevers.
I am hoping we get better with speed and also get some sleep tonight.

Hope all is well in your space.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Heading towards the Holidays

Counting down the days of this last week till the holidays. Weather is bright and sunny and just another of the most stunning days.
We sure are blessed in this beautiful place. Like a postcard.

Here are few of the things I am grateful for 

  • the view over the sea each morning
  • hearing the waves in the dark of night
  • baby girl hugs
  • the roses blooming in my vintage garden
  • a cuddle from the cat when he is not too busy
  • not feeling too vintage myself (most days)
  • that I am loving blogging and having fun with it
I can go on, but really I am just thankful the skies are blue and I am happy. Hope you are too.

(Leave a comment with what makes you happy and I will do a happiness list in the next week or so)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Morning

What an absolutely breathtaking day.  Best captured in pictures so here we go.

Hope yours is as good as mine.