Friday, September 24, 2010

The Power Of...


Have you ever been scared of putting words on paper? I have.
I love to write, I write "bits" and then throw them away, so if they are not seen, they cannot happen.
I write in my head.
There is a constant stream of words and sentences and then I switch the tap off.          FEAR.              Fear, that the words I put on paper might be given life by the stroke of the pen.
Irrational, I am sure, but none the less scary for me.

Now if all the words were happy and sunshine and candy, then how lovely that would be. But in life, that is not the case, so writing a story where there are pieces of damage (in words) is a frightening place to go.
It feels like tempting fate and it paralyses the very soul. From thought to paper, creates a moment of responsibility, the "what if"? moment - what if that were to happen and then it may be my fault?

I am trying to get past this place. The writing course is like the tide on the ocean, regular but the swell changes.

Do you have any fears?

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