Thursday, September 23, 2010

Status! - Delicate

mmmmm - that's how we are feeling in this house at the moment.
Seems the recent spate of "bugs" and "virals" have decided to grace us with their presence. I thought that we might have dodged the bullet so to speak ,but no!
It crept up on us all with the stealth and secretiveness that would make an army proud and wham! overnight we were zapped.
Now we dosed with all the good medications Dear Dr advised, and all seemed good for a week or so and then wouldn't you know it, like any good germ, it came back to kick us in the butt. So here we are just before the weekend and the start of the holidays and we are lacking sleep and the littlest one in our family is feeling really miserable and up and down with fevers.
I am hoping we get better with speed and also get some sleep tonight.

Hope all is well in your space.


  1. That is no way to start a holiday. Get better. I think the picture of the dragonfly below is absolutely stunning. Great job.