Saturday, September 25, 2010

Heading for Sunday

Yup I am ahead. Still Saturday, thinking of Sunday and whilst the house has gone to sleep and peace reigns - I get to Blog.
Been a bit hectic as you know. Washing (or rather ironing) is piled up high (in the lounge) with every GOOD intention of putting on the telly and ironing away in bliss (not) watching my favourite show on the box (Medium).
And, being a bit mediumish myself, I know   -  that is not going to happen as there is blogging and scrapping and anything......but ironing.
Oh I do WISH I was the "most perfect housewife" and I do try, but sadly it ISN'T to be.
Someday I know I shall get points for trying.

So to all you wonderfully perfect housewives and househusbands out there - bah humbug and puleeez send me some help.  (Elly I  miss you)

xxx NOT superwoman

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