Friday, September 10, 2010

Saturday-a bit ahead depending on where you are

A bit ahead, granted, depending on where in the WORLD, you are.
Now, don't you just love this sketch. My princess, little as she is, is I think,  one talented little person. Not feeling so good at the moment, poor little soul.
But, don't you just love the sketch? she pops these things out every so often and as we know there are artists in the family and crafts people, But,  I am still surprised at what is delivered each time and I love her so. Decided to pop them in here and I am "thinking" of what to do with her little musings. Do you have an idea? Let me know. But in the interim  -  they make Mommy Smile - hugs and hearts to you all for this weekend - may the sun shine bright in your life and be happy and blessed. XOXO

Last Day of The Week

Friday- TGIF, that's how I feel today. Been a long and cold week. Desperately wanting to find a few minutes to scrap.
Doesn't seem to be happening.  I hear your thoughts "you could be doing it right now instead of blogging" - "sure", but not with my hair piled on top of my head, swamped in purple goo, which hopefully if it does not all drip down my back in splatty goo drops, will turn out a stunning shade of Mahogany.
If not, well then ummmmm, I am not sure what I shall do - so here's hoping. Give it 20 or so minutes.
Man of the house is on a long fishing day tomorrow and I am doing Mommy run in the AM. Maybe I will get my wish to scrap in the afternoon as the Princess is off to movies with friends.
Off to get my favourite beverage and wait out the timer.

Monday, September 6, 2010


That's my word of the day.
Yesterday we had friends and kids over for lunch, much fun and laughter about times old and new.
A huge thank you to my girlfriends who came up with the word to describe our house; I was saying old, old, old, (and the gate) and they said NO, vintage.
So when I thought about it, there is more character in that word, more history, more elegance and romance. So that is now what I live in - officially a vintage house with a vintage gate, which backs on to a secret garden (probably vintage) which is beautiful, hosts stunning bird life and is a wonderful place for kids to play and dogs to be walked early in the morning. I watch them having my coffee from my kitchen early in the morning. And, this morning I though of my girl friends and the laughter and the word VINTAGE and it made me SMILE.

Now I am inspired to use this pic and do a scrapping page entitled " vintage" I will post it once done.