Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sorry we are late!

That seems to be my greeting recently.
 It has been so hectic around here and thank you to all my friends on land and "on-line" for their patience with me.
We have added a new family member (Boo Boo), I have started working and what started out as "looking for something mornings" has turned into something 4 days a week and more sometimes. The ironing is stacked high, like I hope Sant's presents will be, well actually I am hoping he will stay a while and send the "elves" to do it for me. (what do you think my chances are on that one?) AND it seems like everyone has been trying to fit everything into the first 2 weeks in actually life is NORMAL.
I am sure you are all in exactly the same boat as I am. However, I am grateful that I have so much going on in my life and for all that is good that is happening and I wish you all a HAPPY and FUN FILLED weekend ahead.
I am off tomorrow and heading for IKEA (hooray) love that place. See you on Sunday for SSS with Tracy.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Been a crazy few weeks in my house how about yours?
Had a DT assignment to finish and managed to burn the midnight oil and get that done but only got to submit it this morning.   Now it's time to play over at Tracy's

So with all the rush, these are my shadows taken a few weeks ago but I am only using them now. That doesn't mean I am not seeing more shadows that I want to shoot, but I just haven't shot any in the last week or so.  ENJOY and play with us at Shadow Shot Sunday over at Tracy's

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday and it is SSS #131

Join in the fun all over the world come and play with us at Hey Harriet,

Here are mine:

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Shadow Shots for Sunday

Hope you like them.

Join in the fun at Hey Harriet and play Shadow Shot Sunday with us all over the world.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Whassup Mamma!

Mad Mommy Monday?  no, it's Friday (Crazy Friday), did the Monday thing allready. OMG what is happening today?  Took forever to get "on the go" this morning - have totally blanked out, messed up times, appointments blah blah blah today............have had my normal overdose of coffee and even that has not helped. Just looked at my toes and remembered that I wanted to do nail polish on all toes not every other one-note to self - catch a wake up and paint the damn toes, they are looking ummmm, shite.
And....when the great HE calls and asks "what are you doing" I shall be flogged for saying I am blogging........mmm one is not impressed by the amount of time spent by the OTHER ONE in this little space. Now that may be because the ironing is not done or dinner was late (one night, or......oh well I can add some more but why bother) as they say it is the level that changes.
So, (oh, just hang around a bit I am going to get more coffee - back in a bit)
Mmm ok, now, let me see, think, think.
Ok so I am off to an appointment just now (I think I have it right this time) The cat did not eat the bird because I caught him hiding in the cupboard (well planned), I dropped the littly off at school(think it was the right school), so check to all those and now the umpteenth cuppa coffee is kicking in I feel I shall be able to get through the day and collapse in to my beloved bed tonight and start all over again TOMORROW.
Hope yours is more organised than mine, and I do hope it is Friday?

Thursday, November 11, 2010


So, today was a bit surprising. Went to fill in some forms at my new office and was told I shall be getting an I Phone, totally unexpected but Whoo hoo.
Now this brings me to "The Secret" and Vision Boards, like they are talking about on this link to the Oprah site and in The Secret, site.
A while ago I made vision board and pasted a picture of this phone on it as I decided I needed a new phone. My husband gave me a new phone but not the I phone (and I was happy). This new phone was placed in my bag for when I could get around to transferring all the info (been there a while) and then today I am told about the I phone. Coincidence??
Now you may think I am rambling, but a few years ago I read the book The Secret and decided to actively change my thinking and do a vision board and amazingly I had a run of really good things happening:
  • half day temp job with exact hours I wanted
  • tickets to Celine Dion concert at last minute (extra show was added at 13th hour)
  • Won an overseas trip
  • course I had long wanted to do suddenly was achievable
  • spa day gift
  • over and above the trip I won, was a trip and business class tickets to Australia
and it went on and on, and everyone around me was amazed at how lucky I was.I think it was changing my thought process.
Anyway, I am really thrilled about this new surprise and looking at what else I had put up there and out there to the Universe in the belief that something else good is on it's way.

Thank You Universe, I really am grateful for this lovely surprise.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Upside down and rambling...................

So it's Tuesday ah no, let me see, maybe, Wednesday??

See, that's how crazy it is today. The Princess is having 2 minute noodles for breakfast, YES (I can hear you!) I know, not healthy, and all that. SOME DAYS, it is just easier to go with the flow. Then for the second course, chocolate dunking biscuits. Now, really if you don't know these you are not in this family. She has grown up with these, as the great HE, loves them for brekkies dipped in his coffee..and that brings me to the fact that I am the only one (I hear the laughing now) in our house who has put on weight. (sound familiar)

I also, lost the car papers when the great HE took them in to the licensing office recently-don't you remember?

The bird is screeching at the parrots who are screeching, like a bad orcehstra, at the magpies and the cat is watching from the garden table. The Princess runs out every so often to bug the cat and attempt to cover her entire school outfit in cat hair. Some outfits would just not be the same without a little cat hair!

And I, dear ones, am still in my PJ's, on the computer bloggin, drinking coffee and weighing up whether I should attempt the day or just go back to bed. Here I go loop di loo.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Grateful Words - Today

Today, I am grateful for:

  • my crazy family all of them
  • being appointed to the DT at Jo So Crafty - WHoo Hoo !!!!!!!!!! go check out the site she is one talented lady, you need to keep an eye on this girl her star is on the rise.
  • Being busy and having so many good things coming in to my life
  • Finding the Maxabella Loves blog, I think it ROCKS and is one to follow -this BLOG HOP see below:
  • Every day happiness - my recipe - just find a little piece of happy every day and focus on that and most of all
  • Be GRATEFUL and THANKFUL  (say it to yourself)  and the universe will hear you and give you MORE
I wish for you, a HAPPY week ahead full of JOY.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday #129

Go and have a look at the talented shadow shots for the week from all over the world and THANK YOU Tracy for including me in the mosaic for this week.

Here are my shots hope you like them including the ghostly figures!!!

ghostly figures on Halloween

                                                                         Ghosts among us

                                                                They followed us everywhere!

                                                                       Ghostly trees too

                                                                Aliens or cat on the roof

                                                      She follows watching over the children

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Slip Sliding Away

So the week is hectic once again, as it has been for the last few
weeks and I am grateful.
It has been HOT here, so, so, so hot and today is the first cool breeze and a sprinkle of rain. I cannot believe that December is just around the corner. Time just seems to be galloping away from us. This has been one upside down year.

Now to things that make me smile. These two sites are having lucky draw - giveaways, so go and have a look at the requirements to enter the draw.(   and

They are WELL worth taking a look at if you are a scrapping enthusiast and even if you are not. I have followed both from the get go and watched them grow.

Good luck if you enter and have a safe and happy day.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Makes you Think!

All I have for today is this:

'If you become whole,
everything will come to you'

                                                         Tao Te Ching

Think about that for a while.

Good night and sweet dreams.

Loop di Loo on Halloween

and the ghosts went with not wanting to be left out.....

So Halloween turned out better than I expected after all. We were invited to a Halloween party and all the kids got creative and looked fun-tastic.
Shadows from this for SSS (those of you who are following Shadow Shot Sunday) were brilliant. We walked for an hour and a half and were beat by the end but had loads of candy so the kids were happy and more was had back at the house from the pinata. Great job Elizabeth for all the hard work and decorating you did. We had a fun time.

Then home we went where late at night, my washing machine decided it was not being left out of this party, so  in the best of party spirits (I think there was more than washing soap in that load) it decided to hop, skip, jump, attempt to launch itself at different angles and make the most awful last sounds as it lurched, twisted and screeched across the floor.  POSSESSED.............
I raced into the laundry lept on top (oh yes! it was a sight to frighten any ghouls - me hanging off the washing machine - trying to stop the machine from damaging the walls - or me) by then, that was the only way to get to the off switch without becoming a statistic of and on Halloween and, just before it shuddered it's last breath I smelt the burning.
So with that, and the bits it left behind on the floor on it's journey - I am guessing, we have a serious problem.

I hope your Hallowed Eve was fun and you suffered no lasting damages.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday #128

This is a mix of pics for SSS. Who knew I could be so enthralled by shadows. The imagination is so open to play with all the shadows and what you may or may not see or imagine with them. Enjoy the game and go to Hey Harriet to have a look at THE SHADOWS.

These first few are new but I have added some of my favaourites from the last few weeks at the end as well.