Thursday, November 11, 2010


So, today was a bit surprising. Went to fill in some forms at my new office and was told I shall be getting an I Phone, totally unexpected but Whoo hoo.
Now this brings me to "The Secret" and Vision Boards, like they are talking about on this link to the Oprah site and in The Secret, site.
A while ago I made vision board and pasted a picture of this phone on it as I decided I needed a new phone. My husband gave me a new phone but not the I phone (and I was happy). This new phone was placed in my bag for when I could get around to transferring all the info (been there a while) and then today I am told about the I phone. Coincidence??
Now you may think I am rambling, but a few years ago I read the book The Secret and decided to actively change my thinking and do a vision board and amazingly I had a run of really good things happening:
  • half day temp job with exact hours I wanted
  • tickets to Celine Dion concert at last minute (extra show was added at 13th hour)
  • Won an overseas trip
  • course I had long wanted to do suddenly was achievable
  • spa day gift
  • over and above the trip I won, was a trip and business class tickets to Australia
and it went on and on, and everyone around me was amazed at how lucky I was.I think it was changing my thought process.
Anyway, I am really thrilled about this new surprise and looking at what else I had put up there and out there to the Universe in the belief that something else good is on it's way.

Thank You Universe, I really am grateful for this lovely surprise.

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