Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Upside down and rambling...................

So it's Tuesday ah no, let me see, maybe, Wednesday??

See, that's how crazy it is today. The Princess is having 2 minute noodles for breakfast, YES (I can hear you!) I know, not healthy, and all that. SOME DAYS, it is just easier to go with the flow. Then for the second course, chocolate dunking biscuits. Now, really if you don't know these you are not in this family. She has grown up with these, as the great HE, loves them for brekkies dipped in his coffee..and that brings me to the fact that I am the only one (I hear the laughing now) in our house who has put on weight. (sound familiar)

I also, lost the car papers when the great HE took them in to the licensing office recently-don't you remember?

The bird is screeching at the parrots who are screeching, like a bad orcehstra, at the magpies and the cat is watching from the garden table. The Princess runs out every so often to bug the cat and attempt to cover her entire school outfit in cat hair. Some outfits would just not be the same without a little cat hair!

And I, dear ones, am still in my PJ's, on the computer bloggin, drinking coffee and weighing up whether I should attempt the day or just go back to bed. Here I go loop di loo.

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