Saturday, September 18, 2010

Food for the Soul (I tell you)

My oh my oh my,

have I just found the most stunning site.

It is food for a weary soul, I tell you. Enchanting, it whispers you in, soothes your soul, feeds you ideas, tempts you with treats and whispers about the smell of the flowers in the pictures, till you can breathe it, smell it and touch it. The most fragile trinkets, softest fabric, tinkle of the chandelier that you can be sure you are hearing and on and on it goes. I think I have just found a little piece of heaven - go see for yourself, but do be warned you may never want to leave and I would so love to have you back here, so please, go for a little while only..................

OMMMMM on the beach.

Goodness! what happened to Thursday and Friday. Zooted past so fast I lost them. Had every intention of blogging as I took some great pics down on the beach near the house Thursday. Weather was so nice and it has warmed up so decided after days of sick child and friends to head for the beach and let FiFi lose some of the pent up energy. I just loved sitting there soaking up the sun and the background sound of waves.
Was so nice that we stayed down there for ages. Take a look at the pics, really is pretty down there. Grateful for such beauty.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dandelion Wishes

Dandelion Wishes - for Oprah to visit WA
Well, have you heard?
Oprah is due to visit Australia, and oh my, am I excited.
I love this show. Tape all the shows, watch some repeatedly.  My daughter even loves Oprah, and is as excited as me, thinks Oprah is visiting her 'home'. Have a bit of explaining to do there.
Strange thing is, she has been dancing around the house singing 'I am going to America' (news to me)' and, just yesterday I was thinking I would love to go watch an Oprah show live. Then this morning, sick child in tow, I was off to the local supermarket as we had run out of essentials and a newspaper headline grabbed my eye. Could not believe what I was seeing! Apparently Oprah is headed our way and is to do a show in Australia.

Synchronicity? ??

Now apparently our state is not on the visiting list but there is a petition and I have signed to 'urge'  her to visit our state -  how great would that be? I for one would be front of the queue to get tickets if she was doing a show in my state.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


oh Wow! Tuesday.  What happened toMonday?  Well, that sort of tells you where I am, right?
Looking for ME-
lost in the somewhereness of life..
Pretty upside down now. Between the sick child who tried to take her eye out crashing in to the large and ever so SOLID coffee table, the calls to family over the seas, applying for jobs on-line and  and the every day drudge of I don't know about you, but I hate housework. Give me a job anytime. Housework-OH NO, that time should be for scrapping or taking photo's OR .....anything else other than the dreaded housework oh and the ironing  that reminds me and I haven't done a thing oh dear! Gotta run, but before I do  PS:                    check out the SSS challenge on the sidebar.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Dear Dishwasher

Can a dishwasher make you happy?  Oh yes! in my case - for sure.
The one that was in this house has worked grudgingly and if a dishwasher had a soul, this one was Spiteful for sure.
No matter how much I cleaned, scrubbed, sanitized, and scrubbed again it resented every action. In turn for my good deeds at making it cleaner, smell nicer and live longer, it spat out residue in each rinse, would not do a hot wash and  secreted away all it's gunge to deposit on to the 1/2 rinsed dishes. Oh, I had some choice words for it many days.    And................finally, when I could take NO more from it, I dished the dirt to the agent, and today, finally, my brand NEW dishwasher arrived and oh isn't she pretty and nice, and clean and shiny, not at all like the stinky old rust bucket that was taken away.  I am sure with a soul of rust and spite the only good place will be the great dish washing grave out there somewhere and hopefully they don't resuscitate it and send to some other person for it to torture.