Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dandelion Wishes

Dandelion Wishes - for Oprah to visit WA
Well, have you heard?
Oprah is due to visit Australia, and oh my, am I excited.
I love this show. Tape all the shows, watch some repeatedly.  My daughter even loves Oprah, and is as excited as me, thinks Oprah is visiting her 'home'. Have a bit of explaining to do there.
Strange thing is, she has been dancing around the house singing 'I am going to America' (news to me)' and, just yesterday I was thinking I would love to go watch an Oprah show live. Then this morning, sick child in tow, I was off to the local supermarket as we had run out of essentials and a newspaper headline grabbed my eye. Could not believe what I was seeing! Apparently Oprah is headed our way and is to do a show in Australia.

Synchronicity? ??

Now apparently our state is not on the visiting list but there is a petition and I have signed to 'urge'  her to visit our state -  how great would that be? I for one would be front of the queue to get tickets if she was doing a show in my state.

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