Saturday, June 8, 2013

Wishing this was the view

It's the kind of day where I am wishing for a far away place and gentler balmier weather (didn't I recently wish for winter?), in fact, it has got nothing to do with the weather, it is the view, I really feel like sitting back on a patio, with this picture in my view and tropical weather and just being! yup, that's it - just thoughts, no worries, no stress, JUST BEING in the moment.
Naturally I want my loved ones with me, but in this moment, sunshine, warm breezes and sparkling sea would be wonderful.

So for a while, I will pretend I am there, with my nice glass of cold wine, sitting on chair on the patio, watching the boats sail by.....feeling the soft warm breeze and just BEING.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

TIME .... to celebrate

Funny thing time, sometimes, it seems to stand still, other times it seems like it flies by and we cannot seem to recall why we thought the next year or 5 or 10 years ahead were so far away. The 1st birthday suddenly becomes the 5th, then where did the time go and we are at 9, and my oh my, how fast it all went by.

This is a happy occasion and definitely a celebration and great excitement, for turning 9 is a big event and we intend to celebrate it as exactly that -  but it does seem like just the other day when the funny little words were being said, first steps were taken and first teeth were showing.

It has been happy and sad and sometimes a little mad but I would not change a minute of these last 9 years for all the world.  So tomorrow we CELEBRATE  and give thanks for these years and the ones to come and enjoy every moment, for we know how they flash past and capture all the memories in our hearts and be happy...........Happy 9th Birthday my little princess. I LOVE YOU.  Mum

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Shadows for Sunday SSS2

Come Rest a while.....

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