Monday, September 13, 2010

Dear Dishwasher

Can a dishwasher make you happy?  Oh yes! in my case - for sure.
The one that was in this house has worked grudgingly and if a dishwasher had a soul, this one was Spiteful for sure.
No matter how much I cleaned, scrubbed, sanitized, and scrubbed again it resented every action. In turn for my good deeds at making it cleaner, smell nicer and live longer, it spat out residue in each rinse, would not do a hot wash and  secreted away all it's gunge to deposit on to the 1/2 rinsed dishes. Oh, I had some choice words for it many days.    And................finally, when I could take NO more from it, I dished the dirt to the agent, and today, finally, my brand NEW dishwasher arrived and oh isn't she pretty and nice, and clean and shiny, not at all like the stinky old rust bucket that was taken away.  I am sure with a soul of rust and spite the only good place will be the great dish washing grave out there somewhere and hopefully they don't resuscitate it and send to some other person for it to torture.

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