Friday, November 12, 2010

Whassup Mamma!

Mad Mommy Monday?  no, it's Friday (Crazy Friday), did the Monday thing allready. OMG what is happening today?  Took forever to get "on the go" this morning - have totally blanked out, messed up times, appointments blah blah blah today............have had my normal overdose of coffee and even that has not helped. Just looked at my toes and remembered that I wanted to do nail polish on all toes not every other one-note to self - catch a wake up and paint the damn toes, they are looking ummmm, shite.
And....when the great HE calls and asks "what are you doing" I shall be flogged for saying I am blogging........mmm one is not impressed by the amount of time spent by the OTHER ONE in this little space. Now that may be because the ironing is not done or dinner was late (one night, or......oh well I can add some more but why bother) as they say it is the level that changes.
So, (oh, just hang around a bit I am going to get more coffee - back in a bit)
Mmm ok, now, let me see, think, think.
Ok so I am off to an appointment just now (I think I have it right this time) The cat did not eat the bird because I caught him hiding in the cupboard (well planned), I dropped the littly off at school(think it was the right school), so check to all those and now the umpteenth cuppa coffee is kicking in I feel I shall be able to get through the day and collapse in to my beloved bed tonight and start all over again TOMORROW.
Hope yours is more organised than mine, and I do hope it is Friday?


  1. Ha ha, what a day. Thanks for the giggle. Got to love a clever hiding bird. Sure hope your daughter was waiting for you at her school in the afternoon!

  2. Was it the right school? She would've had fun anyways I'm sure.