Monday, November 1, 2010

Loop di Loo on Halloween

and the ghosts went with not wanting to be left out.....

So Halloween turned out better than I expected after all. We were invited to a Halloween party and all the kids got creative and looked fun-tastic.
Shadows from this for SSS (those of you who are following Shadow Shot Sunday) were brilliant. We walked for an hour and a half and were beat by the end but had loads of candy so the kids were happy and more was had back at the house from the pinata. Great job Elizabeth for all the hard work and decorating you did. We had a fun time.

Then home we went where late at night, my washing machine decided it was not being left out of this party, so  in the best of party spirits (I think there was more than washing soap in that load) it decided to hop, skip, jump, attempt to launch itself at different angles and make the most awful last sounds as it lurched, twisted and screeched across the floor.  POSSESSED.............
I raced into the laundry lept on top (oh yes! it was a sight to frighten any ghouls - me hanging off the washing machine - trying to stop the machine from damaging the walls - or me) by then, that was the only way to get to the off switch without becoming a statistic of and on Halloween and, just before it shuddered it's last breath I smelt the burning.
So with that, and the bits it left behind on the floor on it's journey - I am guessing, we have a serious problem.

I hope your Hallowed Eve was fun and you suffered no lasting damages.

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