Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sorry we are late!

That seems to be my greeting recently.
 It has been so hectic around here and thank you to all my friends on land and "on-line" for their patience with me.
We have added a new family member (Boo Boo), I have started working and what started out as "looking for something mornings" has turned into something 4 days a week and more sometimes. The ironing is stacked high, like I hope Sant's presents will be, well actually I am hoping he will stay a while and send the "elves" to do it for me. (what do you think my chances are on that one?) AND it seems like everyone has been trying to fit everything into the first 2 weeks in actually life is NORMAL.
I am sure you are all in exactly the same boat as I am. However, I am grateful that I have so much going on in my life and for all that is good that is happening and I wish you all a HAPPY and FUN FILLED weekend ahead.
I am off tomorrow and heading for IKEA (hooray) love that place. See you on Sunday for SSS with Tracy.

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  1. I am working this year too after being at home for 20+ years. Hard to get things ready for Christmas when you are at work.
    Good luck at Ikea, ours was so busy the other day and they only had 2 cashiers... so I was told as I wasn't there.