Monday, September 6, 2010


That's my word of the day.
Yesterday we had friends and kids over for lunch, much fun and laughter about times old and new.
A huge thank you to my girlfriends who came up with the word to describe our house; I was saying old, old, old, (and the gate) and they said NO, vintage.
So when I thought about it, there is more character in that word, more history, more elegance and romance. So that is now what I live in - officially a vintage house with a vintage gate, which backs on to a secret garden (probably vintage) which is beautiful, hosts stunning bird life and is a wonderful place for kids to play and dogs to be walked early in the morning. I watch them having my coffee from my kitchen early in the morning. And, this morning I though of my girl friends and the laughter and the word VINTAGE and it made me SMILE.

Now I am inspired to use this pic and do a scrapping page entitled " vintage" I will post it once done.

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