Monday, September 20, 2010

Heading towards the Holidays

Counting down the days of this last week till the holidays. Weather is bright and sunny and just another of the most stunning days.
We sure are blessed in this beautiful place. Like a postcard.

Here are few of the things I am grateful for 

  • the view over the sea each morning
  • hearing the waves in the dark of night
  • baby girl hugs
  • the roses blooming in my vintage garden
  • a cuddle from the cat when he is not too busy
  • not feeling too vintage myself (most days)
  • that I am loving blogging and having fun with it
I can go on, but really I am just thankful the skies are blue and I am happy. Hope you are too.

(Leave a comment with what makes you happy and I will do a happiness list in the next week or so)

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