Saturday, February 12, 2011

Of Late

My blog has once again, fallen by the wayside due to a million (yup, it feels like a million) other things, some irritatingly "need to be done now" things when I could be here blogging. Oh well, that, I know, is life. So here I am and I have just peeped into the Jo So Crafty site where she has had what we all wish for, a facelift (ha ha) and her blog is looking so fresh and zooty. One talented lady that is.

Now I had a list of things I intended to do for 2011 and I have not forgotten that and do intend to get there but please bear with me,  they are all, still on the TO DO list. However, it may be somewhat sporadic, like my ironing.

The word for the week ahead next week is:  LAUGH.  Laugh as much as you can and laugh the blues and the doldrums away.
Think of things or people that make you smile and laugh and remember their words and things they have done in the past that made you have a good laugh and have fun.

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