Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lovely Rain

It's warming up Yay, and, it's raining since yesterday. Started out nice and sunny and suddenly down it came, large diamond like drops. Splattering on to the dry parched soil and splintering into a 1000 droplets ever so pretty. Then it just drenched the earth. Wonderful.
The rain has lasted all night and slows down for a bit, then as if showing off what nature can do, really opens the heavens.
It is cool and fresh and grey outside but lovely, and don't you like how the daisies look after the rain?

Off to have my favourite beverage (not what you think oh no!) but a wonderful hot COFFEE.

Oh and PS: Go check out "Jo So Crafty" in Dubai, she is running a little competition for the scrappers on line.

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